Agrokos Fair - 18th Edition 2018

Prishtina //

17/10/2018 - 19/10/2018


Agrokos Fair - 18th Edition

International fair “AGROKOS 2018” will provide an optimal environment for all exhibitors to successfully promote your offers in a highly demanding business environment, where everybody can touch the exhibition results right during the exposure days. 

"AGROKOS 2018" is an excellent opportunity to meet in one place all the leaders of the industry as well as host at your stands an impressive number of domestic and international visitors eager to look for the newest offers and services. 


Pallati i Rinisë dhe sporteve - Prishtina, Kosovo

Event period

   17– 19 October 2018


Congress & Event Organization

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Address: St. Rrustem Statovci nr. 14, Prishtina, Kosova

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Address: Augustaanlage 57,  68165 Mannheim, Germany


Once a year

First accomplishment


Exhibition program:

Food products from:

Milk, meat, seafood, fruits and vegetables, confectionary products, spices, etc.

Agriculture and Farming

Agro-inputs – seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, horticulture, greenhouse, farms, animals, food for animals, etc.

Light and heavy machinery for Agriculture

Equipments and technology for:

Food processing, packing, labeling, quality control and monitoring, cooling and heating, conserving and transporting, greenhouse, forest, irrigation and drainage, work tools.


Drinks, water, coffee, tea,

Beers - Beer Festival,

Wines and other alcoholic drinks and spirits.

Equipments and technology for:

Drink production, filling, packing, labeling, quality control, monitoring systems, drink conserving and transportation, etc.

Products and equipment for gastronomy and hotels


Ministry of Agriculture,

Institutions for costumer protection,

Science institutions for Agriculture,

Product certification institutions,

Agriculture faculties and schools,


Visitor target group

Businessmen, professionals from agriculture and

agribusiness sectors, institution representatives, distributors, professors, students, journalists, wider public, etc.

Statistics from previous editions

Number of exhibitors:            

2015    2016     2017

167       186       169

Number of visitors – Agrokos 2017:



Why exhibit at Agrokos Fair?

- A highly purchasing power market for agribusiness, food, drinks and gastronomy products;

- Serving to more than 70 million consumers in South East Europe;

- Meeting point of main actors of the field coming from Kosovo, the region and beyond;

- Marketing and direct sales in front of thousands of visitors.

Parallel activities during the fair

- Press conferences;

- Seminars and conferences with the participation of the mainstream experts from the field of agribusiness, food, drinks and gastronomy;

- Large program of organized B2Bs;

- Individual presentations by the interest parties;

- Giving out awards and certificates for exhibitors.

Fair plan

Fair Ground

Custom issues for exhibition goods

Download customs issues form

Arriving in Prishtina by vehicle

Flights to Prishtina

Arriving at the fair

After you arrive at the fair, please visit the information stand, so you can be equipped with an exhibitor ID card; our staff will escort you to your stand. For more information please contact our office.


Download list of hotels

Hostess during the fair

Please contact us via e-mail

Information on Prishtina

Supporting institutions and organizations

Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Development; 
KIESA – Kosovo Investment and Enterprise Support Agency;

Albanian Diaspora Chamber of Commerce;

International and regional chambers of commerce.



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