About Us

Xhafa Exhibition provides specialized services in event management and business consulting to businesses and government institutions.

Businesses and area experts visit our events to hear about and see the new developments in their field, so that they make the best decision to achieve their goals, find new markets, successfully place their investments, and become part of the business network.

Fairs and conferences organized by Xhafa Exhibition have proven to attract a well-targeted audience and be a generator of sales for the last of 15 Years experience.

Government and corporate conferences are managed by our event-management team on a top quality level, taking full responsibility to design, plan, execute, monitor and evaluate the events of our customers.

We provide specialized consultancy services in branding and business strategy development by using the Unlimited Creative platform of Universe and our partner network worldwide.

The services we provide are based on our research findings and the concept that best serves you. We serve you as we would serve ourselves …. or even better.

Choosing Xhafa Exhibition is the right decisions.

We are you!